Email: zhaokv(-at-)

Biography: I am currently a Tech Leader at the Recommender System Department II in Pinduoduo Inc. since Jul. 2020. I was working at the Risk Management Department in Ant Financial since Jul. 2019. Before that, I was working at Alibaba DAMO Academy since Apr. 2017 and I was an intern there since May 2016. I am the reviewer of many academic conferences and journals, including KDD, AAAI, IJCAI, TNNLS, and so on. Besides, I am now a CFA Level III candidate.

Interests: I am interested in studying and applying cutting edges technologies, including machine learning, deep learning, statistical inference, optimization, to making better business decisions in E-commerce and finance, e.g. recommendation, pricing, marketing, quantitative investment etc.


List of Papers on Google Scholar

  • Large-scale Uncertainty Estimation and Its Application in Revenue Prediction of SMEs. Zebang Zhang, Kui Zhao, Kai Huang, Quanhui Jia, Yanming Fang, Quan Yu. 2020. [Best Paper Award of Ant Financial]
  • Intelligent Credit Limit Management in Consumer Loans Based on Causal Inference. Hang Miao, Kui Zhao, Zhun Wang, Linbo Jiang, Quanhui Jia, Yanming Fang, Quan Yu. 2020. [Paper]
  • A Unified Framework for Marketing Budget Allocation. Kui Zhao, Junhao Hua, Ling Yan, Qi Zhang, Huan Xu, Cheng Yang. KDD 2019. [Paper]
  • Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network Based on Mixture Layer. Kui Zhao, Yuechuan Li, Chi Zhang, Cheng Yang. 2018. [Paper]
  • Learning and Transferring IDs Representation in E-commerce. Kui Zhao, Yuechuan Li, Zhaoqian Shuai, Cheng Yang. KDD 2018. [Paper] [Slides] [Poster] [Video]
  • Navigation objects extraction for better content structure understanding. Kui Zhao, Bangpeng Li, Zilun Peng, Jiajun Bu, Can Wang. WI 2017. [Paper] [Slides]
  • Deep Data Mining in E-commerce Based on Convolutional Neural Networks. Kui Zhao. The thesis for master degree. 2017. [Paper] [Slides]
  • Deep Style Match for Complementary Recommendation. Kui Zhao, X Hu, J Bu, C Wang. AAAI 2017. [Paper]
  • Sales Forecast in E-commerce using Convolutional Neural Network. Kui Zhao, Can Wang - arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.07946, 2017. [Paper]
  • An algorithm of parking planning for smart parking system. Xuejian Zhao, Kui Zhao, Feng Ha. WCICA 2014. [Paper]


  • The Champion of 3457 teams in Guangdong Aviation Big-Data Innovation Contest. Details can be found here.
  • The 5-th of 2293 teams in Weibo User Behavior Prediction Contest. Details can be found here.
  • Excellent postgraduate students’ award.