Email: zhaokv(-at-)

Biography: I am currently a Senior Algorithm Engineer at Alibaba DAMO Academy. I received MEng degree from College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University in 2017.

Interests: I am interested in studying and applying cutting edges quantitative technologies, including statistical inference, machine learning, optimization, to making better business decisions, e.g. recommendation, forecasting, pricing, marketing, finance.


List of Papers on Google Scholar

  • A Unified Framework for Marketing Budget Allocation. K Zhao, J Hua, L Yan, Q Zhang, H Xu, C Yang. 2019. [Paper]
  • Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network Based on Mixture Layer. K Zhao, Y Li, C Zhang, C Yang. 2018. [Paper]
  • Learning and Transferring IDs Representation in E-commerce. K Zhao, Y Li, Z Shuai, C Yang. KDD 2018. [Paper] [Slides] [Poster] [Video]
  • Navigation objects extraction for better content structure understanding. K Zhao, B Li, Z Peng, J Bu, C Wang. WI 2017. [Paper] [Slides]
  • Deep Data Mining in E-commerce Based on Convolutional Neural Networks. K Zhao. The thesis for master degree. 2017. [Paper] [Slides]
  • Deep Style Match for Complementary Recommendation. K Zhao, X Hu, J Bu, C Wang. AAAI 2017. [Paper]
  • Sales Forecast in E-commerce using Convolutional Neural Network. K Zhao, C Wang - arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.07946, 2017. [Paper]
  • An algorithm of parking planning for smart parking system. X Zhao, K Zhao, F Ha. WCICA 2014. [Paper]


  • The Champion of 3457 teams in Guangdong Aviation Big-Data Innovation Contest. Details can be found here.
  • The 5-th of 2293 teams in Weibo User Behavior Prediction Contest. Details can be found here.
  • Excellent postgraduate students’ award.